V. Narry Kim, Seoul National University, Korea

V. Narry Kim

V. Narry Kim is a Professor at Seoul National University, Korea. She also serves as the founding director of RNA Research Center at Institute for Basic Science (IBS). Kim received her Ph.D. in 1998 from Oxford University where she studied retroviruses. She then carried out her postdoctoral research on mRNA surveillance in the laboratory of Gideon Dreyfuss at the University of Pennsylvania. She set up her research group in 2001 at Seoul National University and has been investigating how microRNAs are made and regulated, and what microRNAs do to modulate cell signaling and cell fate. Her group identified several key factors in the microRNA pathway including Drosha and TUTases, and studies mechanisms underlying microRNA regulation in stem cells and cancer. Narry Kim is a recipient of L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science (2008) and the Ho-Am Prize in medicine (2009).

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