Ramin Shiekhattar, University of Miami, USA

Ramin Shiekhattar


Ramin Shiekhattar is the Director of Cancer Epigenetics Program, Chief of Division of Cancer Genomics & Epigenetics and Professor of Human Genetics at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. His laboratory has made a number of important contributions over the past years in identifying and characterizing important mediators of epigenetic regulation and noncoding RNA processing that contribute to cancer development. Importantly, laboratories’ recent work has begun to explore a class of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) that behave similar to transcriptional enhancers. The laboratory is interested in deciphering the function of this class of lncRNAs in the context of relevant models of development and disease, using state of the arts genomics and proteomics approaches. These data will be coupled with the development of novel computational methods to decipher the lncRNA “code” that helps to define the role of enhancer RNAs in development and disease.

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